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Born to Create

TweetWhen nightmarish atrocities within our world are splashed across our headlines, who among us does not experience a deep and profound ache in their heart, accompanied by a hefty dose of abject helplessness? We quietly reflect, wondering what we, as individuals, could possibly do to help, when our own United Nations appears incapable of stopping…


Dynamic Peace, Quantum Love

TweetWhen I was a very little girl, I remember the scorching outrage that burned within my little body when I overheard an adult discussion concerning corporal punishment and the death penalty. My tender mind could not comprehend why anyone would think that they had the right to take away another person’s life, despite whatever grievous…


Creating Peace Through Conscience and Creativity

TweetWithin our daily lives, we are bombarded by the complexities of a fast-paced world and challenged by a fierce sense of competition that strives to engulf us. We seem to have grown numb and sadly accustomed to the daily headlines depicting war and poverty, starvation and deprivation. We seem to be hard-wired into receiving streaming…


Let Peace Begin with Me

TweetDuring this season of love and generosity, is it possible to keep track of ourselves while in the midst of taking care of everyone else’s needs and desires? We intend to be kind and thoughtful, and yet, as we continue traveling along the holiday conveyor belt, we somehow find ourselves pulling up short of our…


A Violent Peace?

TweetWhile driving from Malibu to Santa Monica the other day, I was listening to NPR, relaxed into an easy place, when my attention shot up to high-alert, hearing the interviewer say, “…they are not at war. They are in a violent peace.”  I was stunned. A violent peace? I pulled over to the side of…


Creativity: A Pathway to Peace

TweetLaced throughout the history of cultures inhabiting our planet, humanity has repeatedly expressed an ardent and personal yearning for peace within our world. However, this soulful ideation offers cause for deeper reflection. If our human element really desires peace, then why is our world facing a multitude of nascent dangers that serve to threaten our…