Let Peace Begin with Me

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During this season of love and generosity, is it possible to keep track of ourselves while in the midst of taking care of everyone else’s needs and desires? We intend to be kind and thoughtful, and yet, as we continue traveling along the holiday conveyor belt, we somehow find ourselves pulling up short of our lofty goals. As we try to simplify and slow ourselves down, our world just seems to hypersonically spin even more determinably around us. We are encouraged to put everyone else’s needs before ours, but might it be more beneficial for all, if we were to create an intrinsic happiness within ourselves first?

How many of us have been drawn into the challenging storylines of co-workers and loved ones? Who hasn’t felt bombarded by the manic energy of the holidays or by the sadness of people we truly care for? We feel that it is our responsibility to be present and available, even when we are experiencing the burnout within ourselves. We want to be caring, and yet, can we truly afford to be pulled out of our own center of poise and peace by always putting everyone else first?

Perhaps if we dedicated a bit of time every day to doing something that made us feel soulfully fulfilled, we would experience an inner satisfaction that would spill over into our work, and more importantly, into our relationship with others. Maybe by feeling happier and more inspired within our own lives, then we would have the strength, the presence and the peace within, to then reach out and share that joy with others.

We need to tenderly care for ourselves, in mind and body and spirit, and if we do, we will have the ability to share that dynamically peaceful balance with those whom we love. We are a family of seven billion people here on this earth; this is our family of humankind. We are each a particle in this wave of humanity. Individually and collectively, we have the right and the responsibility to both ourselves and to our seven billion brothers and sisters to live a life that is valuable and of our own creation.

We must think about what we love to do, and then do it, even just a little bit at a time. By taking care of ourselves in this inspired and creative way, we will be stronger, more centered and able to then reach out and touch others with our own unique and joyful gifts.

Together, we have the capacity to create peace within our world.

Let Peace Begin with Me.


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This article was written by Heather