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When I was a very little girl, I remember the scorching outrage that burned within my little body when I overheard an adult discussion concerning corporal punishment and the death penalty. My tender mind could not comprehend why anyone would think that they had the right to take away another person’s life, despite whatever grievous transgression had been committed. For better or worse, this was my own unique perspective, fresh out of my young mind and not a philosophical ideology I had heard previously expressed. It simply was a component in the nature of my being, my own intrinsic ethos.

It seems we are launched into our lives as highly-developed and soulful little creatures, wrapped in these miraculous bodies of babes. We come fully loaded with an imprint of indigenous talent and inclination. We are fresh and bright. We are love. We are peace. We are. Cocooned in the protection of our natality, we are safeguarded for a nanosecond from the intensely complex lives that fan out ahead of us, still untainted by the division and conflict that seems to define the architectural mindscape of our current world.

Though we may have forgotten how miraculously open and embracing we were when we leaped across that gauzy threshold into our lives, we still do have the unlimited capacity to open our hearts, expand our minds and tear down our internal and external walls that serve to divide us, damage us and define us. We are powerful beings, born with an enormous, transformative potential to create whatever we might imagine within our lives. We were not born to be defined by our political perspectives, nor controlled by our religious beliefs we choose to honor. We are not our jobs; we are not the money we earn. We are not to be branded by the condition of our mental, emotional or physical health, nor are we to be defined by our marital status, sexual orientation, race, gender, intelligence quotient or body size.

We are women and we are men. We have sons and daughters that we love and cherish. We are creative and compassionate; we are kind and generous when we are bold enough to no longer feel the need to posture and pretend. Yes, we are a confluence of paradoxes, yet ultimately, we all have one essential element that we share in common. We are all the physical, human expression of that which we are in essence and we share the commonality of being humanly creative beings given this breathtaking gift of life.

As we collectively launch ourselves into 2012, may we unite as a family of humankind, respecting and embracing our unique differences, understanding that we are all particles in this quantum wave of wondrous humanity.

Wishing you all Dynamic Peace and Love,


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This article was written by Heather