Heather McCloskey Beck – Creator of Peace Flash

“When we live our lives, inspired and directed by our inner Calling, creating our unique and artful expressions and then share this with our world, then we are living our true life’s purpose of Creating Essence into Form. When we do this, we create Dynamic Peace.”

Meet Heather McCloskey Beck, founder and creator of Peace Flash.  Heather is an inspirational author, public speaker, musician and business woman, focused on generating a greater awareness of creating Dynamic Peace within our hard-wired world.  She has lived her life, embracing her philosophy that it is essential to do what you love and love what you do, as expressed above.

Heather grew up outside of New York City, NY, on the North Shore of Long Island, and has lived in Southern California throughout her adult life. During this time, she has had the pleasure of enjoying a variety of successful careers, both in mainstream business and the creative arts.

In addition to speaking publicly about peace and the creative process, Heather writes for The Huffington Post and has written two books, both to be published in early 2013. Her documentary film about creating peace within and world peace is underway.

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Dee Dee Hatcherian BrixDecember 29, 2012 at 1:54 pmReply

Heather, this is the first time I went to your website, I had no idea! I’ve enjoyed your photos but just realized they come from your Peace Flash site. Very impressive, very inspiring! Carry on – I’ll keep following…